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Lulu Loves Stories

Lulu and her daddy love to go to the library together. Each night Lulu reads a story and then next day she acts it out. She becomes... a fairy princess, a pilot, a farmer, a mummy and a tiger! What will Lulu be next?

"The irrepressible Lulu returns in another book-loving story, illustrated by the superb Beardshaw. Wonderful characters - Dad as primary carer and a girl who switches effortlessly between fairy and DIY expert!" Letterbox Library

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Hardback Edition

The original hardback edition is still available.

"Librarians and teachers are all too aware of the importance of having multicultural faces in books to reflect our multicultural population and all too aware that, unfortunately, many of these have been worthy and somewhat dull. With the wonderful Lulu books, we have characters so exuberantly and joyously portrayed in words and pictures that the diversity is not what one first notices." The Reading Zone


Boardbook Edition

Lulu Loves Stories is also available as a board book. It's much shorter and the text has been re-written so it's simpler - perfect for younger children


Paperback Edition

Lulu Loves Stories is also available in paperback with a free CD. Listen to the story in over 20 languages: English, Welsh, Irish, French, Polish, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Swahili, Luganda, Somali, Tigrinya, Tamil, Urdu, Gujerati, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

Click on the play button below to listen to the story read by Mike from Granada.